What is SAHA?

The South African Hydrogen Association (SAHA) promotes and develops South African
expertise in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies (HFCT) in South Africa (and Africa).
The Association provides an opportunity for all those in the sector to engage with
one another with a view to commercially promoting the sector. Membership of the
Association is open to commercial companies (including those in the HFCT, power
utility, gas, water, chemical, telecom and mining sector), academic and research
institutions, laboratories, development councils, government departments, consultants
and investors as well as individuals with an interest in the sector.

SAHA was co-founded by Dr Dmitri Bessarabov, Gordon Freer and Prof Bruno G. Pollet,
with the financial support of the Platinum Trust of South Africa, an initiative of the North
West province.

3 thoughts on “What is SAHA?

  1. Solar Track (Pty) Ltd have developed a dual axis solar tracking system with assisted funding from the IDC. We would like to join SAHA to explore the combination of solar power and Hydrogen as a storage means with like minded people. Please advise on how we can join SAHA. Kind regards Russ Bowden CEO Solar Track.

  2. Hallo to the SAHA administration. I am an dad of 3 inquisitive boys and am interested in energy. Hydrogen fuel cells is part of that mix.

    pls contact me with more information on SAHA.


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