What does SAHA do?

SAHA provides a forum for industry, institutions and individuals to promote their interest
in commercialising hydrogen as an energy source. In doing this the association will:

  • Promote South African business communities, corporations, government departments and educational institutions involved in this field.
  • Work with international partners that share our goals and objectives.
  • Provide a forum for industry, tertiary institutions, non-profit institutions and
    government departments to discuss research, findings, safety aspects and
    commercial opportunities in the area of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
  • Facilitate relationships between South African and international researchers and
    research institutions with a view to promoting hydrogen as an energy source taking
    into account local and global needs.
  • Engage with the South African government to create a supportive regulatory
    framework to develop the industry.

SAHA provides a “one voice” to represent, promote and develop South African
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies and related interests.

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